Our Speakers

March 17 2022, 7:00 PM

Sohrab Ahmari

St. Philip the Deacon

Faith & Freedom: Finding Joy in Duty

Sohrab Ahmari is the op-ed editor of the New York Post, a columnist for First Things, and a contributing editor of The Catholic Herald. Previously, he served as a columnist and editor with the Wall Street Journal opinion pages in New York and London, and as senior writer at Commentary. His latest book is The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos (Convergent/Random House, 2021).

Ahmari’s talk will contrast the Christian (and classical) account of true freedom–doing what we ought to do–to the modern account–freedom as mere “choice” or individual autonomy. Life narratives, including those of Saint John Henry Newman, Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, underscore the poverty of the modern account and remind us that another way–another world–is possible. One that better satisfies the demands of both natural reason and the Gospel.

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