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March 25 2021, 7:00 PM

Lanecia Rouse

St. Philip the Deacon

Faith & Art: How Creativity Heals

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Faith & Art: How Creativity Heals


Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Houston, TX, and the owner/creator of LAR Art Studio. Lanecia’s portfolio includes a range of work in abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, and speaking.

Lanecia’s work is deeply informed by her studies in sociology, theology, and culture. Her works are products of contemplative and intuitive abstract composition practices. She explores in them various perspectives that might illumine our everyday quests to make life meaningful and content while grappling with fundamental questions about our existence.

Lanecia’s art is known for its subtle manipulations of color, texture, materials, and form—a practice of play that mirrors the intricate layers and landscapes of individual and communal formation, memory, experience, and history.

Lanecia is Artist-in-Residence at Holy Family HTX.  She is also the Director for Justice and the Arts with projectCURATE as well as the Co-founding and Co-Creative Director of the ImagiNoir Group, an international alliance and think-tank of black activists, artists, writers, scholars, and educators.

Lanecia is a graduate of Duke University Divinity School (MDiv) and a graduate of Wofford College (BA in Sociology).

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