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March 7 2024, 7:00 PM

Allen Hilton

St. Philip the Deacon

Faith & Polarization: Surviving and Thriving in a House Divided

Allen Hilton brings people together across difference toward a common good. After two decades doing this work as a professor (Yale University) and a formation pastor (in large churches across the U.S.), in 2016 he founded the non-profit org House United and began to do this work full time as a speaker, writer, and facilitator. His 2018 book, “House United: How the Church Can Save the World,” expanded his reach to churches and denominations, universities and seminaries, corporate teams, and other groups nationwide who seek help navigating Red-Blue and race relations. Allen lives in Austin, TX with his wife Liz and their two college-aged sons, Sam and Isaac.

About Dr. Hilton’s talk:

A better future awaits. For a quarter-century, the U.S.and other western nations have grown increasingly polarized along political and ethnic lines. Our bad habits alienate us from one another, slow our government to an angry halt, and threaten to draw us into a second civil war. We need a fresh narrative of a shared future—and the habits of engagement that will sustain it. Allen Hilton helps build these habits in communities across the land. In this lecture he’ll share practices that work and tell true stories that build hope.

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