Faith & Image: Social Media, Activism and Empowerment

Jeremy Cowart
February 9, 2017 - 7:00pm
St. Philip the Deacon

UPDATE! Due to a family medical emergency for our speaker, we have had to postpone his presentation one week. Please join us on Thursday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. for this presentation.

Jeremy Cowart it an artist, celebrity photographer and social media activist. Hailed as a trailblazer in the photography industry, his true passion is to illuminate the beauty and value in each person, and to inspire others to reach their fullest potential.

Photography has taken Jeremy to six continents. He has been on numerous trips to Africa and Haiti with various organizations. From all his travels, Jeremy has released several photography books, including Hope in the Dark, The Poor Will Be Glad, Awakening, and What’s Your Mark?

Recently named the “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Huffington Post, Jeremy Cowart is an Emmy-Nominated photographer, artist and entrepreneur. His work has been featured on advertising and as publicity for agencies, television networks and in entertainment around the world. With nearly 2 million followers on social media, Jeremy has perfected the art of connecting online by combining inspirational storytelling, art, design and photography. Jeremy is the founder of iPhone app OKDOTHIS, global photography movement Help-Portrait, and photography teaching platform, See University. His latest project, The Purpose Hotel, is a social good endeavor that is designed around benefitting non-profits from the ground up.

Jeremy will be presenting his “I’m Possible” video, a 25 minute bio-pic hand illustrated about Jeremy’s life. His struggles, triumphs, and overcoming obstacles while pressing on with the underlying Philippians 4:13 mantra that his father taught him.


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